Last night in Tampa Bay, the attendees of the GOP Convention heard from Ann Romney and Chris Christie. The theme of Ann Romney′s speech as love and Governor Chris Christie talked about respect. While those inside the convention hall were elated, the question is how did their speeches play outside to the nation as a whole?

Ann Romney speech

Ann Romney focused her speech on her marriage with candidate Mitt Romney and geared her content for the women of America. Sometimes a bit too bubbly and sugary, she made the case that the mothers of America are the ones who hold their families together. She tried to dispel the notion that life with Mitt has been one never-ending ride of a warm, fuzzy, pink cloud. That their personal story is much like that of any couple who struggled in their early days. Who faced hardships throughout their marriage. Ann Romney raised the issue that Mitt, like any loving husband, stood by her when she suffered from MS and breast cancer. She even tossed in how raising five boys was a bit of a chore at times.

Chris Christie began and spent much of his speech talking about himself and his own journey through life. The struggle of his parents to provide a home. The values he learned from them, especially his mother. As some pundits will point out, Christie did not even mention Mitt Romney until about 16 minutes into his 22 minute speech. His main theme was that now is the time for politicians to seek respect and stand up for their convictions. To tackle the tough problems, to take on the hardest foes. Perhaps his best single line was when Christie addressed Barack Obama directly and challenged him to not be led by the polls but to lead and change the polls.

Frankly, neither speech was all that awe inspiring. Some pundits are saying that Ann Romney should have given us an antidote or two. Maybe about how Mitt Romney helped somebody. Will her speech help close the gender gap that Mitt has with women? Probably to some degree. If Chris Christie was trying to set the stage for his own presidential run in the future, then he fell flat. I doubt if it will even help bring Romney one extra vote in November. If you want to see two really good speeches, watch Mayor Mia Love and Governor Scott Walker. Both video clips are below for your viewing.