The tone of the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts has gone from vile to violent as the driver of Democrat candidate Elizabeth Warren roughed up a GOP tracker cameraman. The incident took place on the island of Martha′s Vineyard this past weekend at a campaign stop. As Warren made her way to an awaiting SUV, her driver scuffled with a Republican cameraman. The driver knocked around the camera twice, sending it crashing to the ground. As the GOP videographer, who had filmed the public event, tried to recover his equipment, the driver threatened to call police and said, ″You′re messing with the wrong people.″ This is not the first time that Massachusetts Democrats have gotten physical on the campaign trail. In 2010, an aid to then candidate Martha Coakley knocked a reporter from the Weekly Standard to the ground.

Elizabeth Warren bully girl

Elizabeth Warren has been at the center of many controversies. Not the least of which was her claim that she is part Cherokee Indian. Taking her cue from Barack Obama, Warren has gotten nasty launching a series of negative campaign ads against incumbent Senator Scott Brown. The tone of the Warren campaign is almost a mirror of Obama′s, attacking Republicans on abortion, contraceptives and wealth redistribution.

Like Obama, Warren is a Socialist who helped shaped parts of the Dodd-Frank Bill, imposing new regulations on banks. The result of which harms smaller regional and community banks and makes credit far more difficult and costly to obtain. So she has proven herself an equal when it comes to lying to the American people as well as Obama. Now she apparently wants to demonstrate that she can play a rough, Chicago-style politics, too, having opponents and their staff beaten up. Warren also shares Obama′s belief that small business owners owe all of their success to government for building roads and bridges.

So Elizabeth Warren is once again in the news, this time after her driver knocked around a Republican cameraman who had been peacefully filming her public campaign event at Martha′s Vineyard. While the driver did not use a ′tomahawk-chop′ to dispatch the GOP staffer, it is unknown if the driver is also as much as a Cherokee Indian as Warren claims to be. The tone of the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race between Warren and Scott Brown has gotten uglier as Warren struggles in the polls. The latest Liberal-leaning PPP poll has Brown 6 points ahead of Warren. The Warren campaign says that the driver was not part of their staff, just a cabby hired to drive her around.