Hollywood may be shaking from an earthquake caused by this weekend′s box office results which have the new anti-Obama documentary, 2016 Obama′s America, finishing 8th. The film took in a whopping $6.2 million dollars despite a very limited release on only about 1,000 movie screens nationwide. The film certainly is proving to be a better money draw than the rehashed version of ′Total Recall′. 2016 took in nearly as much money as the new action flick, ′Premium Rush′, which opened on more than double the number of screens. Produced by Rocky Mountain Pictures, 2016 reviews the first term of Barack Obama as president, as well as delving into his background, and speculates what America may be like after a second term. Needless to say, its not a pretty future! The movie ′stars′ Dinesh D′Souza, who travels the world to learn who Obama really is!

2016 Obama  s America
Image Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Dinesh is seen interviewing Obama′s brother, George, in Kenya, as well as others like Alice Dewey, an old friend of Ann Dunham, Obama′s mother, to get the real low-down. The film explores the unreported biography of Barack Obama, which the Liberal Media conveniently ignores. From the anti-colonial attitudes of Obama′s father to the Socialist leanings of most within the Obama inner circle. Dinesh lays out the argument that Barack Obama does have an agenda to transform the United States into a second-rate power.

The box office results this weekend show that the new documentary, 2016 Obama′s America, may be a popular film. It finished in 8th place, beating out some new movies with $6.2 million dollars in ticket sales. Most of the other movies in the top 10 are being shown on two to three times more movie screens than 2016. So it looks like Dinesh D′Souza and Rocky Mountain Pictures have a genuine hit.