Watch the Republican National Convention Live!

Finally it looks like Hurricane Isaac will whiff on Tampa Bay and make a beeline straight for New Orleans instead. That may be a tragic story alright, but we can be sure the brain trusts (ie fools) who organized the 2012 RNC Convention in Florida are breathing a collective sigh of relief even though they are still having to rework the convention schedule to chop out Monday night. How dare it almost rain on Mitt Romney’s parade!

Photo: 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa

There are several places on the internet that you can watch the RNC convention live feed videos. These are like webcams except they are actually produced to create a very watchable program. In fact many of them mirror exactly what is seen on network TV. We will embed the live video feed when it is available, but for now you can always go . . .

. . . here.

You can also join live blogging of the RNC convention in several places. We will post those links later on Monday so you will not miss a thing.

The RNC convention schedule is still in a state of flux but you can see the latest schedule information here. Essentially Monday night has been eliminated from the program because of the storm so the good stuff will now start on Tuesday which means that our RNC convention live feed will be compressed into three nights, ending on Thursday. All that will happen on Monday is that the chairman will gavel the convention to a start and ten minutes later at 2pm ET announce a recess for the day. Oh yes, the debt clock will be started which will remind the viewers what Obama is doing with our children’s futures.

The problem with live convention coverage this year, just like the last RNC convention, is that the major networks are not carrying the around the clock gavel-to-gavel coverage from Tampa Bay like they use to do in the old days. You know, the days of Brokaw and Jennings and Walter Cronkite. There are several reasons for that of course.

One is that in the old days conventions often made news. It was just a generation ago that participants sometimes did not know going into the first day who the eventual nominee would be, and they always picked the Vice President at the convention rather than before as you have seen in the last couple of election cycles.

But the main reason that the RNC is not carried live on television (in full) is that most people just don’t bother with politics anymore. We have become cynical as a people and that cynicism has translated into turning off the political news rather than tuning it. There is a much bigger market for weekly soap operas and reality television programs than the highlight of the presidential election cycle.

Anyway, enjoy the feed of the RNC convention with us live from Tampa Bay, and feel free to leave your comments below. If the Republican convention schedule changes again in Florida, we will let you know and post a revised update.

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