When you get right down to it, what Todd Akin said last week does not matter, as the Liberal Democrats were planning to attack Republicans on abortion anyway. Akin was ahead in the polls against Claire McCaskill in Missouri, but the real problem was Barack Obama being exposed for cutting $716 Billion dollars from Medicare. So its no coincidence that just days before the Todd Akin interview, Obama dragged the new darling of Feminism, Sandra Fluke, out on stage. She and other like-minded speakers will transform the DNC convention next week into a free-contraceptive, pro-abortion rally. So had Akin never misspoke about how a woman′s body functions or used the term ′legitimate rape′, the Democrats were going to launch a fresh assault on the War on Women. As usual, the Liberals are showing their hypocrisy, claiming to embrace science and evolution. The problem is, Todd Akin was correct, in a sort of backwards way, proving that he and fundamentalist Christians have a better grip on science than Liberals do.

todd akin

Akin′s mistake is that he said women can ′turn-off′ a pregnancy. Ask any biologist or anthropologist and they will concede that the opposite is true, women can ′turn-on′ a pregnancy, at least to the point of increasing the probability of improving fertility and conception. This scientific fact is equally hated by feminists, who adhere to an almost mystical folklore about the mystery of the female body, which is rooted in many pagan religions such as Gia and Isis worship. Liberals like to claim that they are enlightened and believe in Darwin′s theory of Natural Selection, the basis of which is how species adapt to local environs. But they draw the line when science conflicts with their goddess worshiping and reduces pregnancy to a matter of pneumatics and hydraulics.

For example, any honest expert on fertility will concede that the best position for encouraging pregnancy is to have the man on top and the woman under him. The Feminists REALLY HATE that piece of scientific fact! How dare anyone tell them that such a submissive, tradition manner of sex is better for them! Yet, both biologists and anthropologists have been saying such for decades. Even going back to the mid-19th Century with the famous tome by Sir George Frazer, ″The Golden Bough″, lists all manner of customs and rituals designed to improve fertility and conception.

Feminists also hate the scientific fact that a female orgasm does indeed create a mild vacuum which assists the sperm along its way to fertilizing an egg. Again, we are talking about increasing probability, as nothing in life is guaranteed, a fact which Liberals just fume about. Yes, there is no magic, no mysticism here, just simple plumbing.

The hypocrisy of Liberals continues even in regards to Akin′s misspeak about ′legitimate rape′. There is no argument that rape is a violent act and a crime to be shunned by society. However, if one wants to embrace science, one needs to examine the psychology of sexual fantasy. Serious research into this subject tends to paint a strange picture that Liberals and their Feminist allies choose to ignore. One book, ″Who′s Been Sleeping In Your Head″, contains the results of the most massive scientific survey ever conducted on the subject. Some 22,000 men and women were surveyed and as it turns out, the Number One sexual fantasy shared by women is that of being raped. Interestingly, as Saddam Hussein was prominent in the news during the time of the survey, many women fantasized about being raped and tortured by him! One woman even describes in great detail how turned-on she became thinking about his foul, bad breath upon her as Saddam abused her body!

Weird, huh? Well, that′s the wide world of science for you! No stone left unturned, sort of speak. But the point here is that if Liberals and Feminists want to claim how intelligent and rational they are by embracing science, and more specifically Darwin and Natural Selection, then this is the road they must travel down. Even from the standpoint of ′mate selection′, Darwin shows that Capitalism and good, old fashioned Conservative values are superior traits that a rational, intelligent woman would be attracted to. Who better to mate with than a rugged individual, a proven provider, a productive, creative, hard-working fellow geared to self-reliance?

So this explains why Liberal women, especially hard-core Feminists, are stupid! They prefer the shiftless, lazy type of men, probably a ′bad boy′ who sports a Harley, a tattoo, a goatee and a police record. This is the world of Socialism. Yam-Bam-Forget-You-Ma′am! This might also explain why Barack Obama is more appealing to young, single women than Mitt Romney. Liberals and Feminists not only do not care that Obama is ruining the nation and trying to shove Western Civilization off a cliff, but actually encourage such behavior. All because they refuse to accept the realities of science!