University of Colorado professors, Ken Bickers and Michael Barry are predicting that Mitt Romney will win in 2012 and become America′s 45th president. Their computer model has been successful in predicting every electoral college winner since 1980. If they are right again, Romney will win 320 of the 538 electoral college votes, well above the needed 270. Their model shows that the economy will be the major issue that puts nearly all of the ′swing states′ in the Romney column. With the latest news from the head of the Congressional Budget Office concerning the financial cliff the nation is headed for come January, it seems unlikely that the economic situation will change in the remaining weeks of the campaign. So will Mitt Romney sweep the swing states and be our next president?

colorado professors predict Romney win

Some new polls are showing Romney gaining ground in not only Florida, but Wisconsin and Michigan as well. Ohio is still extremely tight. North Carolina already has Romney pulling away. Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia are all within striking distance for Mitt. Plus we must also consider two important facts, that most polls are skewed in favor of Democrats to start with and that there is probably a ′Bradley Effect′ involved as some polling respondents may fib to the pollsters saying they support Obama while they actually do not.

There are two main questions which will be answered on November 6, who will succeed in getting their base out best and which way will the six million or so swing voters go? These are made up mostly of Independents and ′Reagan-Democrats′ who voted for Obama in 2008 but historically are not loyal to either political party. If anything, they tend to vote Republican more often than not.

It is hard to imagine how anyone with an I.Q. over 50 could even consider voting for Barack Obama? Not only has his presidency been a total failure, but, he has not learned from his mistakes as Bill Clinton did. Obama continues to stubbornly hang on to his Socialist agenda of class warfare, division and hatred. I tend to agree with the findings of University of Colorado professors Ken Bickers and Michael Berry. Mitt Romney will most likely win most, if not all, of the swing states and thereby win the 2012 presidential campaign with more than 270 electoral college votes. Given the state of the economy, my left sock could beat Obama this November.