Maybe it is time for the president to finally release his college transcripts. Away from the teleprompters and speech writers, when left to his own intellect Barack Obama misspelled Ohio in such a personal way that he created the viral picture of the day that is raging across the internet like a towering inferno of ignorant hilarity. Obama spelled Ohio wrongly which his critics are seizing upon as further evidence that our lovable president may not be as bright as advertised.

Photo: Obama Spells Ohio Wrong

This photograph was taken on the campus of Ohio State University on August 21st at the campus mess hall. The president inserted himself in the wrong order much to the confusion of the students around him. A bright undergrad snapped photographs and sent them to the local Romney’s campaign. Within hours this picture was tweeted by Christopher Maloney, who is the communication director for Romney’s election campaign in Ohio. And in case you are suspicious, multiple pics exist. It is not photo-shopped.

This image shows several students and Obama spelling Ohio with their arms, hands and fingers. The guy on the left is making an O with his arms, while the guy on the right is making the other letter O with his two hands. The second guy was waiting with the letter I in the group before Obama jumped in line. His campaign staff were dumbfounded as President Obama considered where he would go in the line, made a letter H with his arms and then carefully stepped into the wrong place. They quickly moved the president but not in time for this wonderful image.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words and perhaps none more wordy than this one. Superficially we can all note that anyone is capable of misspelling the name of a state. Minds slip after all. Even Dan Quayle could not spell potato correctly, famously insisting in a grammar school classroom that a letter E should be on the end.

But in Obama’s case the O-I-H-O misspelling of Ohio feeds a growing narrative for this president that he just isn’t very smart away from his speech writers, choreographers, and teleprompters. Historian have noted curiously that the president speaks at only a 6th grade comprehension level, which is the most illiterate of all the presidents in our history. Whether the dumbing down of Obama is part of a strategy by his handlers or a reflection of the man himself has been an open question. This writer believes it is a little of both.

Which brings us to his college transcripts. Renewed heat has been placed on the campaign to produce Obama’s Yale and Harvard college transcripts. He is the first president in our history who has refused to release his college transcripts and the public is probably right to wonder why. Clearly his latest gaffe will bring a little more unwanted attention on Obama’s fabled educational background from an inquiring public.