By now we have all heard about Paul Ryan’s black girlfriend Umm, make that Paul Ryan’s ex-black girlfriend from his days in college. How could you miss it? The mainstream media is on the story like flies on flypaper seeking to understand what to them is an astonishing tale of contrasts that is ruining their storyline.

As the Ryan vice-presidential pick was announced, the Obama campaign through their surrogates in the liberal media began a meme of painting the congressman as a cold-hearted, uncaring individual whose soulless tax policies help the rich while hurting the poor, thereby hurting minority groups. The class warfare theme was in full display as the media began as usual to do this liberal president’s bidding.

The coded message behind the class warfare nonsense is a racist one which goes something like this: A greater percentage of blacks and Hispanics are poor in this country. Republican policies hurt the poor. Therefore, Republicans are racist. Paul Ryan is the chief proponent of a budget overhaul that would hurt the poor. Therefore, Paul Ryan is racist. Yada yada. They don’t say it that way because it is such a cartoonish argument that even editors at the nation’s leading newspapers would laugh out of the editorial room. But that is the underlying subliminal message behind the initial attacks on Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

But within days it emerged that Paul Ryan has a black sister-in-law which caused the media elites to take a collective breath. That factoid was inconvenient but would not be enough to derail the racist overtones of the media’s hit pieces on Ryan. But now something altogether unexpected has exposed the liberal media as tilting at windmills.

Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend in college. He had more than one. The news is irrelevant to most conservatives who tend to think of people as sovereign individuals rather than in terms of group-identify. But to liberals in the media it was time to stop the presses. Paul Ryan’s college girlfriend was black? Really? The buzz in the editorial rooms at the New York Times and Washington Post was palpable as Ryan’s classmates casually recollected his college days to reporters.

Now the race is on in the media to find her, find them. Interview her, interview them. Where is Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend? They believe inquiring minds want to know. Undoubtedly liberals want to know, and clearly the media wants to know what went wrong with their go-to racist meme. Read reactions here and here, the first from the right and the second from the left.

Conservatives will get a hoot out of the hunt for Paul Ryan’s ex-girlfriend(s). You know, the black ones that the media cares about so much. Liberals will read the interviews that are coming with perky puppy ears, looking for signs of chivalry like Strom Thurmand or Thomas Jefferson fathering an illegitimate black child. Could Paul Ryan have a black love-child? How fun that would be for liberals to twist themselves around in knots.