While the Far-Left Media continues to try to make hay out of the Todd Akin word gaffe, Minnesota House Representative Kerry Gauthier is being ignored by the national press after being caught having oral sex with a 17-year old boy at a highway rest stop. The Duluth politician admitted to police that he was having sex with the minor. It turns out that Gauthier uses Craigslist to seek out sex partners, too. While members of the Democratic Farm Labor Party, which is what Democrats call themselves in Minnesota, have not demanded Gauthier to immediately resign, some are suggesting that its time for him to go. The county attorney for St. Louis County is not filing any criminal charges against Gauthier as the age of consent in Minnesota is 16. The boy involved is not filing any complaint either and admitted to police that he told Gauthier he was 18 years old.

Kerry Gauthier

So the question on my mind this morning is which is a bigger scandal? Todd Akin and his ″legitimate rape′ gaffe or Kerry Gauthier having homosexual relations with a 17-year old boy at a highway rest stop? Akin has made his apologies and yet is still the focus of much attention, even from Establishment GOP officials calling on him to step down from the Missouri senate race. Meanwhile, Gauthier, who was arrested last week, has not said a peep about the incident in public since caught by police. The story hardly got any attention by the national news media.

Maybe I′m just old fashioned but it seems to me that while Akin might be an idiot or at least subject of a ′brain fart′, there is little excuse for Kerry Gauthier and his oral sex actions. There′s a huge difference between a misspeak and being caught by police with your schmeckle in the mouth of a 17-year old boy in the bushes at a highway rest stop. The mere image of such should be enough to revolt any rational human being. So why no response by Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid? Even the top Democrats in Minnesota seem reluctant to push for Gauthier′s ouster from the Minnesota House of Representatives. Where are the talking heads of the Liberal Media, like Mika Brzenski, who feigns outrage over Akin yet says nothing about Gauthier? Perhaps Mika and Obama condone Gauthier having oral sex with minor boys? Maybe they approve of his use of Craigslist for his activities?