The Obamaloney was flying fast and thick on Monday as Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to the White House Press Room. Jay Carney stepped aside and let his boss take a few questions during the impromptu press conference. Obama once again lied when asked about the highly negative tone from his own campaign against Mitt Romney. Specifically about members of his campaign staff alleging that Romney may be a felon. Several weeks ago, Obama deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, said of Romney not releasing ten years worth of tax returns and Bain Capital documents that he may be hiding something, either because he may have committed a felony or is trying to cover up his involvement with Bain Capital after 1999. During the press conference yesterday, Obama denied that anyone from his campaign accused Romney of being a felon. Obama also tried to pretend that he has been open and transparent with his own personal history.

obama lies

Obama has not held a formal press conference since March. It has been about eight weeks since his last informal presser held during the G-20 Summit in Chicago. Obama has been avoiding any serious questions from the White House Press Corps choosing instead to be interviewed by local news outlets as well as more entertainment-geared sources like People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight. No advance warning was given for yesterday′s appearance in the White House Briefing Room, thus the few questions asked were unprepared.

So once again Obama is trying to make Romney′s tax returns a campaign issue. But Obama is quite wrong when he said that there was a precedent for releasing multiple years. Most presidential candidates only release two years worth of returns or financial statements. In 2008, Senator John McCain only released 2 years, and he is about as wealthy as Romney is, though mostly thanks to his wife being wealthy. In 2004, Teresa Heinz Kerry refused to release much in the way of her financial statements, even though she and John Kerry are wealthier than Romney. Obama also mentioned about releasing medical records, but did not mention releasing his school records, which is also normal. Many suspect that Obama′s college transcripts may show that he gamed the system by using a Fulbright scholarship at Columbia by claiming to be a foreign student from Indonesia. Obama was adopted by his mother′s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian national and lived there for about six years.

But the Obamaloney came yesterday when Obama lied about his campaign not accusing Romney of being a felon. Stephanie Cutter, the deputy campaign manager for Obama′s reelection committee, did indeed allege that Romney might be a felon due to his being listed on several Bain Capital documents after he had stepped down in 1999 to oversee the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Obama also painted himself as a hypocrite during Monday′s surprise appearance at the White House press briefing, saying that presidential candidates should release all personal information such as tax returns and health records. But Obama did not include school records, which could prove once and for all his citizenship status. In 2000, the release of such school records revealed that George W. Bush got better grades than ′Internet-Inventor′ Al Gore.