I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC about once a week or so. At first, I thought that Mika Brzezinski served a useful function on the show. She was sort of like their Alan Colmes. Remember him; he was the hapless liberal foil on Hannity and Colmes on Fox. His main job was to say, ‘Let’s go to commercial’. Eventually Fox realized that this wasn’t an essential feature of the program, so he left.

But when you watch the MSNBC program more frequently, you find that she has a myriad set of duties. She must gaze with awe at Joe during one of his soliloquies. When that task is completed, she then reads her text messages for most of the rest of the program. Sometimes, she stops texting to butt in to tell us what her friends from Manhattan or Connecticut think. Then, if a guest is a friend of hers or her dad, Zbigniew Brzezinski,, she perks up and pays attention. When a guest is a conservative or someone she doesn’t care about, she reads magazines or her cell phone. Then, when the segment is over, she looks up and says, ‘Thank you VERY much.’

The program concludes with a short segment called ‘What Did I Learn Today?’ Mika typically states some innocuous thing, and then prances off in her pencil skirt, while everyone else is still concluding. Apparently, she may have received some texts in the preceding minute or so, and her rudeness to the show’s guests or her audience is defensible.

The only policy she seems to care about at all is healthy eating. She injects this into any discussion that has anything at all to do with food. If someone says that they went to a restaurant, she’ll comment that the meat is too fatty. When NYC decided to make it illegal to purchase a large soft drink, she dissolved into ecstasy. Heck, even Jon Stewart thought that this was silly. As he said, the city’s policy ‘combines the draconian government overreach people love, with the probable lack of results they expect.’

But I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing about her, except that I recently read an homage to her in Hartford Magazine. But, what’s the big deal? There are plenty of news readers on cable television who don’t have the energy to learn to pronounce names of people or places correctly. In this article, apparently to show us all that she is a generous soul with a big heart, the magazine article discusses her pet dog, Cajun.

After Hurricane Katrina, Brzezinski and her husband wanted to do something to benefit the people of the Gulf. Some people sent food, some sent money, some sent furniture, some provided shelter, and some provided services. A lot of people were able to figure out a way to help. But Mika thought and thought and was at her wit’s end, arguably not a very far journey.

As we know, one of the problems with the evacuation after Katrina was that people weren’t allowed to bring their pets. So, some people just left their dogs behind. Later, these dogs were gathered and located in a center about 50 miles northwest of New Orleans. Eventually, when the people got settled, they either returned to get their dog or had some family member or friend drive down to pick it up. Within a month, virtually all of the dogs (other than the pit bulls) were gone. Mika decided that the best way to help the people of New Orleans was to abrogate one of their pets. Isn’t that special? She wanted a dog, and got to rescue (steal) someone’s puppy, and then infer that she is somehow a hero.