The past week has been a rough one for Barack Obama and his reelection campaign. Forced to talk about real issues since Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, Obama also had to go into full spin control over yet another Joe Biden gaffe. On the Sunday talk shows, Obama surrogates continue defending Biden and his ′They′re gonna put ya′ll back in chains′ remark. Bad enough that during the same speech, Biden thought he was in North Carolina instead of Virginia. While we expected Republicans, like Rudy Giuliani, to question Biden′ mental health, even some Democrats are now cringing. The first prominent Democrat to criticize Biden and demand an apology was none other than Douglas Wilder, the first black governor elected after Reconstruction.

biden chains

Wilder contends that that Biden′s remark is clearly racial. He questions who the ″ya′ll″ are Biden was referring to and answered that with Biden′s use of ″back in chains.″ Wilder believes that Biden was being divisive, playing on race, trying to scare the black vote. That the remark is so blatant that Obama needs to apologize on behalf of Biden.

Peggy Noonan pointed out the obvious on NBC′s ′Meet The Press′, that had Biden been a Republican, the entire Media apparatchik would be screaming about him being unfit and too stupid to be vice president. Just look at how this morning, the Far-Left Media is attempting to gain mileage from a gaffe by GOP Senate candidate, Todd Akin in Missouri who was ambushed on a two-bit local interview about abortion. Forget that Americans are more concerned about other issues, like jobs, the economy, etc.

No, we have always known that media bias would come down heavily on the side of Barack Obama. Any negative stories, like today′s latest Gallup Poll from swing states showing that 56% are not better off than they were in 2008, will be largely ignored. Hardly any stories have been reported about the gay rights supporter trying to shoot his way into a Christian value group′s offices last week. Such subjects do not comply with the hidden agenda of the Media. Remarkably, Newsweek magazine is questioning why Obama deserves a second term publishing an article by Niall Ferguson. But this is a rare exception as anyone keeping a running tally on positive versus negative articles can tell you.