Jesse Jackson, Sr. has decided to weigh in on the Joe Biden controversy. As we know, the Vice-President made news when he argued that Mitt Romney’s policies would unshackle Wall Street and would ‘put y’all back in chains’, when speaking in front of a predominantly African-American audience. So, naturally, Jackson’s ears perked up, and he placed himself in the middle of the argument.

486px Reverend Jesse Jackson speaking at the UN crop

Photo by Eric Bridlers

Jackson, who for some reason during the last 4 years has not found it necessary to criticize President Obama’s policies, thought that this was an appropriate time to inject himself into a policy and political debate. As he said, when interviewed by Politico, “What I do know is, just address it forthrightly as overblown rhetoric that was not helpful and a distraction from President Barack Obama’s message. If the president has to reprimand him, that becomes a big issue, if he ignores it, that becomes a big issue. So we just make certain in these exchanges that none of the candidates use language that’s distracting from jobs, justice, education, health care and peace.”

Yeah, if there’s one thing that we don’t want, it’s distracting Obama from improve the job situation, advancing education, or fixing health care. And if there’s one guy who has done a lot to benefit each of these aims, its Jackson. Since 1969, what has this clown actually done for black people? In spite of his incessant need to appear on talk shows for the next 4 decades, how did things improve for them? His only accomplishment, as far as I can see, was that he provided a plum job for his eldest son. This young man, who apparently has a guaranteed congressional seat until he dies, is certainly someone that his dad should be proud of. He’s being investigated on numerous charges by the House Ethics Committee, has been linked with ‘alleged’ international drug traffickers for the last 20 years, has been caught cheating on his wife, and is currently being treated by the Mayo Clinic for ‘bipolar disorder’. It’s little wonder that his father feels the need to preach policy morality to the rest of us.