The Barack Obama reelection campaign finds itself in disarray with just 80 days left to go before the November 6 vote. Joe Biden turned ′Hope and Change′ this past week into ′Hope and Chains′ with yet another patented Joe Biden gaffe. Obama, himself, is still feeling a backlash from his remarks three weeks ago about how American business owners do not owe their success to their own hard work. The latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll shows that Mitt Romney is leading again, 47% to 45%. Romney′s overall poll numbers have improved since picking Paul Ryan as his running mate last weekend. Romney′s lead is building among Independents, Seniors, and two groups Obama depends on, women and the youth vote. The Obama campaign is desperately trying to get back to attacking Romney on his tax returns while the GOP candidates gain ground discussing real issues like jobs, the National Debt and entitlement reform.

obama campaign disarray

Yesterday, the Obama campaign offered a deal to Romney that if he should release five years of tax returns, they would stop badgering him on the subject. The Romney campaign rejected the offer as they say that the normal 2 years of returns is sufficient. Meanwhile, there are rumblings and grumblings within the White House Press Corps (or Corpse, if you are Obama) that the Obama campaign is ignoring them. Obama has been granting interviews to other, smaller media outlets, such as am FM radio station that asked him what super power he would like to have? There are also allegations of the Obama campaign editing pool reporter stories and the White House withholding transcripts of speeches given by Joe Biden. Obama has not held an official press conference since March.

All of this goes on while the National Debt closes in on the $16 Trillion dollar mark, which is expected to be reached later this coming week. A new report shows that unemployment increased in 44 states during the month of July. Consumer confidence and retail spending is still declining and home sales and mortgage applications are way down. Youth employment for those who just graduated from college or younger is the worst since 1948. All signs that the Obama economic agenda is not helping create a recovery.

Then we have the story by Edward Klein, author of the Obama biography ′The Amateur′, that as recently as two weeks ago, the Iranian-born Obama aide, Valerie Jarrett tried to talk Hillary Clinton into replacing Joe Biden as Obama′s vice presidential running mate. Hillary rejected the offer, probably because she sees Obama losing in November and wants to run herself in 2016. All in all, the Obama campaign is becoming a sinking ship with fund raising falling way short and drawing smaller crowds at rallies than in 2008. The enthusiasm for Barack Obama has gone and left the building as America prepares to rid themselves of this disaster of a president.