Just image what a speech Barack Obama would make if he decided to be honest and tell the truth? So let us put on our thinking caps and speculate a bit. I have no doubt that my detractors will accuse me of all sorts of biases and errors, but then what do they really know? So without any further ado, here is my interpretation of Obama telling the truth…

obama tells truth

″My fellow Americans. In this election cycle we have a clear choice offered by the campaigns of Mitt Romney and myself. My opponents would like you to believe that you do not need a strong, federal government assisting you in your daily lives. But that is just false. Our government is made up of some of the finest minds in the land, so who better than they to guide you and make decisions on your behalf for your own good? Some will say that we have too many laws already on the books. That our tax codes and federal regulations are so complicated that they make all of you criminals, or that complying with these codes and laws cost businesses and consumers substantial sums of money. Money that could be better spent creating jobs.

″Well, my answer to these arguments is that they are just flat-out wrong! The codes, regulations and laws in place are there to enforce social justice. To bring fairness to an unfair system. Millions of Americans suffer in poverty and a lack of opportunity, while a very few, the top One Percent, reap all of the benefits of out society. Even though the wealthiest of our country pay the majority of taxes (top 20% pay 67%), that is not enough! They need to pay more!

″There is only one guaranteed way to level the playing field and that is to make everyone equally poor. This has been my objective all along and I am happy to say that so far, my plan is working. Thanks to my agenda and policies, more Americans than ever before are poor or below the poverty line. But don′t worry, because they are being taken cared of by our government. In my first term in office, I have nearly doubled the number of people receiving food stamps and we have also seen dramatic increases in those receiving other forms of government assistance. This is my ′bottom-up′ strategy, get everyone on the bottom and then raise the whole with government action.

″So while we have made great strides the past four years, there is still much more work to be done. That is why I need another four more years to complete my task. I know that my opponents will say that my policies have caused the federal budget to explode to unsustainable levels. But, hey, its not my fault! Nor is it my fault that we have not had a working, annual budget all these years. The US Senate has not passed a budget in over 1200 days, so don′t blame me! My opponents will also argue that our National Debt is part of the reason why our economy is stagnating as it requires so much capital to service the debt, leaving less available for job creation or developing new technologies. Don′t worry about that, because we here in Washington are better equipped to determine which companies and industries should be invested in.

″Some have charged that I am anti-business, or anti-Wall Street. This, again, is completely false! Under my administration, Wall Street is doing just fine. After all, we decided not to prosecute Goldman Sachs for anything they may have done back in 2008. Heck, we′re not even going to pursue my good friend, Jon Corzine, for losing $1.6 billion dollars of his investors′ monies. So one could say that my administration has been very good for Wall Street. Sure, you might think that all that money the Federal Reserve is pumping into the system is necessarily increasing the prices of food, energy and the overall cost of living. But that is not a problem as we can always increase the amount of assistance offered by the federal government.

″So in conclusion, I ask that you, the voter, give me another four years to continue my plans for redistributing the wealth and assets of the nation in a socially just manner. With your help, we can force the rich to pay their fair share. With you vote this November, we can have a larger government more capable of guiding and controlling your daily lives to ensure that you are behaving responsibly. Its not that we cannot trust you to make decisions on your own but we here in Washington are just better equipped to decide for you in such a way that lowers the standards and makes the field more equal to all. I′m Barack Obama, and I am telling you the truth!″