In the last big primary night of the election year, Tommy Thompson defeated two Tea Party candidates to win the Republican Senate nomination in Wisconsin. He will next face Tammy Baldwin, who was uncontested for the Democrats.

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Thompson, who previously was Wisconsin’s governor, and then was Secretary of HHS, received 34% of the vote. Eric Hovde, a hedge fund manager, with 31% and two other candidates. Thompson, for a number of reasons, is by far the likeliest Republican to defeat Baldwin. With Paul Ryan as the Vice-Presidential candidate, Republican turnout in the state may increase slightly. With Republicans needing either 3 or 4 seats to control the Senate, it is difficult to imagine the GOP winning the majority without winning the Wisconsin seat.

Baldwin, who has one of the most liberal records in the House, and who is gay, has been depending on a large Obama victory in the state in November to help her race.

In Connecticut, Linda McMahon, who ran for the Senate in the last cycle, easily defeated ex-Congressman Chris Shays in the Republican Senate primary. She will face former State Secretary Susan Bysiewicz in November to replace Joe Lieberman. In her last run, against Richard Blumenthal, McMahon spent $50 million of her WWE fortune but was handily defeated.