Mitt Romney told an audience in Ohio Tuesday that recent remarks from Barack Obama and Joe Biden show, ″what an angry and desperate Presidency looks like.″ Romney went on to say of Obama, ″Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.″ In Iowa, Obama poked fun at Romney once again about the dog ′Crate-Gate′ episode, saying that Romney does not believe in putting windmills on top of automobiles, even though Romney has been known to put other things on his car′s roof. Perhaps Obama was drunk after his visit to the Bud Tent at the Iowa State Fair and chanted ″four more beers!″ Meanwhile, in Virginia, Joe Biden told a largely Black audience that Republicans ″They gonna put y′all back in chains!″ Later in the same speech, the mentally confused Biden told the crowd that with their help they will win in North Carolina.

division anger hate

Team Obama surrogates are not helping matters either. The New Black Panther Party vows to protest the RNC convention in Tampa, bragging how their ″feet will be on your motherf***ing necks.″ So this is how the Obama campaign wants to win an election? Bad enough that they have no record to run on. Bad enough that most Americans are worse off now than they were four years ago. Bad enough that energy costs have at least doubled since Obama took office and show no sign of ever returning to pre-Obama price levels. Bad enough that a new survey shows that some 80% of doctors are considering leaving the profession if Obama-Care becomes fully implemented.

Long gone are the days of soaring rhetoric and catchy slogans like ′Hope and Change.′ After nearly four years of budget-busting folly placing a mountain of debt on current and future generations, Obama is dragging America through the mud of Chicago-style politics. There simply is no shame left in the White House as the Obama administration plays fast and loose with the truth. A simple, easily provable truth, that the Obama presidency has been an utter failure.

While Barack Obama and Joe Biden continue their campaign of division, anger and hate, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering clear, positive messages of restoring America to greatness. Of unleashing the boundless optimism and entrepreneurial powers of creative and productive individuals. Yes, the dawn of a new day is coming. A brighter, happier day when once again real Americans can hold their heads up high and rejoice in the goodness that is our unique heritage as a nation!