According to a report from Newsday, the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, will provide the keynote address at the Republican National Convention this month. Christie, who has been able to energize supporters since becoming Governor, briefly considered running for President last year.

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Christie, although Governor of a northeastern, heavily Democratic state, has maintained his own approval ratings in the state, while cutting the budget, limiting the influence of public sector unions, and assertively defending himself against a series of personal attacks.

Although this announcement has been confirmed by numerous Republican sources, it is not official since it has not been announced by the Romney campaign. The keynote speech is historically important, as it is the first time many normal people see the presenter speak. Many politicians see their visibility rise following this speech. As we know, Barack Obama first gained national recognition when he gave this speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

Marco Rubio

At the same time, a decision has been made to give Marco Rubio the other plum speaking spot at the Convention, introducing the presidential nominee. Rubio, as a Senator from Florida, is another rising star in the GOP. A function of this speech, since it will be so heavily viewed, will be to define the characteristics of Mitt Romney that the campaign will emphasize during the rest of the election.