Barack Obama and Paul Ryan crisscrossed each other in the state of Iowa on Monday. Ryan made his first solo appearances while Obama shoveled more falsehoods and rhetoric about his latest opponent. These two have duke it out before with Ryan winning each time. Obama described the Wisconsin Congressman as an ideological leader of the GOP with whom he strongly disagrees with. While Obama and many Democrats think that they now have an advantage, attacking Ryan on his past budget proposals, could they in fact have painted themselves into a corner? Are the Democrats now trapped into discussing real issues?

obamaloney paul ryan

Already we have the old Medi-Scare ad where an actor resembling Ryan pushes a grandma in her wheelchair off a cliff. Of course, the truth is that Ryan′s plan would save MediCare for those who currently have it and for those 55 or older. The voucher option he proposed for those 55 and younger is the exact same health insurance plan members of Congress enjoy.

Obama and the Democrats are also attacking Ryan as cutting too much government spending, even saying that it could hurt the recovery of the economy (for those who think we even have a recovery). Here again, this is more ′Obamaloney′ as all Ryan proposed was to reduce the rate of growth for spending, typically around 8% per year, down to 3%. Seeing as how we do not achieve a balanced budget until 2040 under the Ryan plan, his budget proposal is more of a gentle glide path than some radical, sudden shock of austerity.

Needless to say, the funniest part of this latest shovel-full of Obamaloney is that Mitt Romney has already said that he has his own plan, so bringing up the Ryan budget is pointless. But this does not stop Barack Obama from having another opportunity to lie and mislead. While both were in Iowa Monday, Paul Ryan asked the crowds to ask Obama, should they run into him, one simple question…, ″Where are the jobs?″ About 14 million jobless Americans would like to know the answer to that one.