Polling by ABC/Washington Post that was conducted half prior to his selection as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee and half after revealed that his popularity has substantially increased among voters after he was chosen by Mitt Romney.

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In the polling that was conducted between Wednesday and Friday, 45% of respondents had no opinion of Ryan. In the polling conducted Saturday and Sunday, this number dropped to 30%. Virtually all of those who changed had a positive opinion of the Wisconsin Congressman.

Based on this poll, 38% of Americans currently have a positive impression of Ryan, while 33% have a negative viewpoint. Prior to Saturday, the numbers were 23% favorable and 32% were unfavorable. His approval rating among Republicans rose 21%, and among independents, it increased from 19% to 39%. Even with Democrats, his positive ratings increased by 10%, while his negatives increased by 9.

Both parties will attempt to define Ryan to average voters in the next month or so. Whichever party succeeds will have an important edge in November. It will be interesting to review the state polling in swing states which will be released in the next few weeks to see how the electoral college map has changed with Ryan’s selection.