Today, President Obama held a fundraiser in Chicago. In order to draw a substantial crowd of supporters, Obama’s team decided to charge the healthy sum of $51 to attend. Unfortunately according to a New York Times reporter at the event, ‘the room (was) half full.’

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One of Obama’s campaign officials rebutted this claim, stating that there were more than 1,000 people at the event, raising its estimate from the 850 it previously had provided. I agree with this defense; it’s not like very many people live in or around Chicago. I believe that it has less than 10 million people in its metropolitan area. So, the crowd was about .0001 of the nearby population. The cost of $51 was punitive as well; heck, that’s about as much as two movie tickets plus popcorn. Maybe it was because the Mayor of Chicago did not support the Obama presidency. Maybe it was because people in Illinois don’t remember that Obama used to be their Senator. Who really knows why people didn’t show up?

But I’m a solutions oriented kind of guy. Since the enthusiasm for the President seems to be lagging, make it a raffle. A neighbor of mine did that with their home; they charged $50 per ticket and sold 5,000 tickets. The winner got the home. So, have a raffle at Obama fundraisers. The winner gets to sit on stage or sleep at the White House or run the teleprompter. I leave it to Obama to determine the prize.

I might be having a problem with my long-term memory, but I seem to remember an election year, we’ll call it 2008. Obama appeared before crowds of more than 500,000 supporters. Some would say that the thrill is gone. I’ll just say his presidency isn’t worth a plug nickel any more.