Even their political enemies have to admit that Day One of America′s Comeback Team, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, was a resounding success! Congressman Ryan, the youngest ever chairman of the House Budget Committee, proved his stripes during his first day of speeches. Not only is he the best equipped to discuss the nuances of federal budgets, but Ryan even explains Romney′s economic plan better than Mitt does! When it comes to summing up the presidency of Barack Obama, Ryan describes it as nothing but debt, doubt, despair and decline.

debt dout despair

Obama has added more to the National Debt than any other president in a single term. If reelected and his agenda is allowed to take full root, Obama will add more debt than all previous presidents combined, including George W. Bush! Obama′s policies have not helped the economy to recover, instead he has only added more doubt about our future, leading to many people holding back from investing. Despair amongst Americans has increased since Obama took office. For the first time since polling started, Americans are concerned that future generations will not have it as good. That the United States is in decline as a world power.

The Obama presidency has been a national disaster. Hurricane Barack has ravaged nearly every sector of the economy and threatens the very spiritual soul of the country. There is not a single, compelling reason why he should be given a second term in office. I suppose Obama is good for the golf course industry, but even that would be a stretch.

So three cheers for America′s Comeback Team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan! If the rest of the campaign can match the excitement and energy of the first day, then Barack Obama will be voted out of the White House come November 6. As Sherlock Holmes would say, ″The game is afoot!″