About 3am EDT, the news broke that Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will indeed be the Mitt Romney Vice President running mate. The Associated Press and CNN say they have confirmed that Romney and Ryan will appear Saturday morning at 8:45 EDT on board the battleship USS Wisconsin, moored in Norfolk, Virginia. The buzz about Ryan being Romney′s veepstakes choice began intensifying earlier this week. Romney was preparing to launch a four-state bus tour which was said to feature a number of other potential ′short list′ choices. Paul Ryan, we were told, would be incommunicado as he takes his family on a camping trip. On Friday, however, we learned that Romney spent most of the day meeting with his senior campaign staff in Boston for high level strategy discussions. Obviously, the decision to roll out Ryan now was made then.

Paul Ryan Mitt Romney

Most vice presidential running mates are announced either during the national convention or about four days prior to its start. So picking Ryan now, 16 days before the start of the Tampa convention, is slightly unusual. Already some pundits are calling the choice a bold one. The seven-term Congressman carries a large target on his back as Democrats have vilified him for the past two years over his ′Ryan Budget′ proposal of aggressively tackling the federal budget deficit.

Yet, nearly every poll taken shows that the two main issues of this upcoming election are the economy and the National Debt. To which Paul Ryan is the perfect choice for Mitt Romney as nobody explains Ryan′s plan better than Ryan himself. Mentored by Jack Kemp, Ryan has a long reputation of being one of the brightest, most articulate voices of Conservatism in Washington, even before achieving elected office. He played a pivotal role in the post-1994 GOP victory Congress as an adviser. Ryan brings to the table not only a firm grasp of economic and budgetary issues, but legislative skills as well.

The choice of Paul Ryan as the Mitt Romney vice president candidate is clearly a winner for the party faithful of the GOP, as well as for those in the Tea Party movement. His selection will surely energize ′The Base′ and provides insight on how a Romney administration will function. One of the big questions has been whether or not Romney will choose someone dull and safe, or go for the gusto of somebody whom is probably smarter than he. Like many successful business managers, Romney has opted to select someone who is as smart or smarter to work with him. One could say that, using a poker analogy, that Mitt Romney′s bet is ′All-In′, picking Paul Ryan for the ticket is to make the campaign all about fixing the economy and our bloated government. The choices between Romney and Obama are now even more clear and well defined.