According to the Washington Post, Mitt Romney will announce his decision for Vice-President tomorrow morning and that …’ all indications were that the seven-term congressman (Paul Ryan) would be the vice-presidential nominee.’ Ryan is the Chair of the House Budget Committee; as such, he produced the budget plan which bears his name. This nomination, if true, is the best news in an election season which has been almost uniformly dreary. Ryan is a Congressman from Wisconsin. His religion is Roman Catholic.

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Ryan has shown himself to be one of the few grownups in the federal budget conversation which we have been engulfed in for the last number of years. His budget plan addresses most of the long term problems faced by the federal government. His nomination would permit voters to make a real choice for fiscal integrity compared to the profligate spending that most of our leaders, including President Obama, appear to be addicted. His seriousness as a fiscal policy expert is never denied. His nomination insures that doubts about Romney’s seriousness about attacking important issues were overblown.

Ryan is uniformly respected and admired by Republicans in Washington and respected and feared by Democrats. His nomination will inevitably force politicians of both stripes to engage themselves on important issues, rather than the silly ones that they have been discussing, to many individuals’ dismay, for the last few months.

The last time either political party chose such an important figure on domestic policy for Vice President was in 1996, when Dole chose Jack Kemp. Other than that singular choice, the Vice Presidential selection invariably follows the dictum, ‘first, do no harm.’ So each pick was chosen for the potential to win some key states or some important demographic group. Ryan’s pick will ensure that the fundamental issue between now and November will be fiscal sanity. Great pick, Mitt.