The Nevada Journal ran the numbers and found that the $1.3 billion dollars the Barack Obama administration has spent in Nevada on green energy has only created 288 jobs. That means that each green energy job created by federal subsidies costs us taxpayers $4.6 million dollars each. This revelation comes as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hosts a Green Energy Summit in Nevada. Reid wants to close down a coal-burning power plant, despite the fact that green or renewable energy costs 400% more per kilowatt hour than coal, oil or natural gas power plants for producing electricity.

nevada energy costs

Barack Obama often pointed to Spain as an example of how he wants the United States to approach increasing green energy usage. The problem, of course, is that Spain′s pursuit of renewable energy has helped bankrupt the nation. Studies show that for each ′green job′ created, at least three real jobs are lost. Spain now has an unemployment rate well above 20%.

Another victim of Obama′s green energy policy is the U.S. military. Already facing dramatic funding cutbacks, the military is being forced to use more green energy. One plan calls for the US Navy to buy bio-fuels instead of oil at a cost of more than $26 dollars per gallon. Considering that a warship will use thousands of gallons per week, this becomes serious money very quickly.

So once again, we see how Barack Obama is taking the nation down the wrong path. Instead of doing something rational, like offering a cash prize to a private company that solves or invents a cheap, renewable energy source, Obama is just throwing precious tax dollars around to anyone who supports his, and other Democrat, campaigns, like Senator Harry Reid. The situation in Nevada is a prime example of the wasteful spending spree Obama has been engaged upon these last 43 months. Hopefully, the madness will come to a screeching halt in 88 days should Obama be defeated in the November elections.