A new TV ad by the pro-Barack Obama Super-PAC, Priorities USA Action, against Mitt Romney is yet another example of ′Obamaloney′ on several levels. Not only is the ad full of inaccuracies, but there is now a serious question if campaign laws have been violated due to collusion between the Super-PAC and Obama′s official campaign organization, Obama For America. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was hammered with questions about the circumstances of the ad and he is in full spin-denial mode. But the facts are becoming clearer that more Obamaloney is being spread around.

obama campaign ad

The ad itself features Joe Soptic, a former employee of GST Steel in Missouri. Bain Capital closed the plant in 2001, two years after Romney left Bain. Soptic tells his story in the ad, saying that he lost his health care insurance and how his wife developed cancer and died. Implying that Mitt Romney is somehow personally responsible for his wife′s death!

This outrageous attack ad is not only false in every way, but there is now evidence, in a recorded conference call, that the Obama campaign knew about Soptic months ago. Soptic′s wife had health insurance from her own job until she had an injury in 2003. She only learned that she had cancer in 2006. Joe Soptic gave an interview yesterday where he admitted that before being laid off by Bain, he and others in his department had been offered a buy out.

The Politico then breaks the story that Soptic told his tale to none other than Stephanie Cutter, the assistant campaign manager for Obama For America on May 14 of this year. The Obama campaign had denied knowing anything about Soptic when the ad by Priorities USA Action, run by Bill Burton, who had worked for Obama For America before switching to the Super-PAC. Burton had also been deputy press secretary for the Obama White House.

So, the big question is, did somebody from Obama For America tell Priorities USA Action about Soptic? If there was any interaction between the two organizations, that would violate campaign laws. As for the rest of the story, it is obvious that this cheap, low-brow trick of trying to paint Mitt Romney as a murderer is simply ridiculous. Romney had nothing to do with Bain Capital closing GST Steel. The time-line of events clearly shows that five years had passed since Joe Soptic was laid off when his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and died. That Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that his Super-PAC is stretching the truth and going well beyond the pale of dishonesty and civility is very telling. Since Obama only has a record of failure to run on, he must resort to cheap, dirty tricks to win reelection.