Thank goodness we have just 90 more days of Obama-loney left. This is the term coined by Mitt Romney for the lies spoken by Barack Obama. As Romney puts it, ′Obamaloney′ is ″a dish which is simply in contradiction of the truth…″, which is probably the funniest thing Romney has said yet. Mitt was motivated after the latest Obamaloney statement, where Obama tries to compare an alleged tax plan of Mitt′s as ′Romney-Hood′, stealing from the middle class to give to the wealthy. The problem, of course, is that it is a pure fabrication. Obama refers to a study by a left-wing lobby group, the Tax Policy Center, that was co-written by a former member of Obama′s economic team, and is purely hypothetical as Romney has not given us any definitive tax plan other than making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent. So if that is all they have to go on, then Obama is also guilty of stealing from the middle class as he has gone along with extending the cuts the past three years.

obama loney

This is why I am very happy that we only have 90 more days of Obamaloney to deal with. After Romney defeats Obama in the election, Obama will become irrelevant and will lose his daily access to the Media. No more daily speeches full of lies. No more of Obama in his monotone, Yogi Bear cadence boring us to death. ″If I can′t tax…, the top one percent…, I will steal…, all their picky-nick baskets.″

Even my favorite Liberal, Bob Beckel, has said many times that Obama is on television way too much. But then, what else will Obama do? He certainly is not doing any presidential work. Since April, 2011, Obama has held more than 200 campaign fundraisers. More than Bill Clinton and George W. Bush combined! Even with that Obama is still not raising the money he had hope to. Romney blew him away again for the third straight month raising more than $100 million while Obama AND the DNC only took in $75 million.

So three cheers that we only have 90 more days of Obamaloney. When Mitt Romney defeats Barack Obama this November, America will be liberated from the tyranny that is Obama, and from him simply boring us all to death with his endless stream of lies.