Barney Frank has decided to interject himself into a California Democratic House primary race by endorsing one of the two incumbents running in the same district. In a Los Angeles district, Howard Berman is running against Brad Sherman. Apparently, in an effort to convince Democrats to support his chosen candidate, Berman, Frank reverted to his policy prescription of choice, name-calling. He released a statement yesterday, “…I am not an admirer of Brad Sherman’s approach, I think it’s superficial and headline-hunting.”

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That’s right, folks. Barney Frank doesn’t like headline-grabbing politicians. This Congressman, who never found a talking head show that he didn’t scurry to appear on, is opposed to another Democrat because he likes to issue press releases. This soon to retire Congressman, who may have appeared on cable news programs more than any other legislator in recent times, with the possible exception of the three amigos (Graham, McCain, and Lieberman), finds issue with someone in his party who Frank has decided is a prima donna. Talk about a classic case of pot meet kettle.

As we know, California has one of the more interesting primary election races for Congressional seats this year. The reason for this is that, rather than allow the political hacks in the state legislature to gerrymander seats to protect incumbents, they put regular citizens on a committee, told them the Constitutional guidelines, and let them put together districts. To the horror of the political hacks, the committee sometimes placed sitting congressmen in the same district, sometimes even representatives of the same party.