The heat is on as Democrat Senate Majority Leader ′Dirty Harry′ Reid is being called out as a liar for his recent accusations about Mitt Romney not paying taxes. On the Sunday shows this weekend, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called Reid a ″dirty liar.″ Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told CNN that ″I think he′s lying about his statement, of knowing about Romney.″ Reid has made several statements, including some on the floor of the U.S. Senate, accusing Mitt Romney of not paying taxes during a ten-year period. Surrogates for Barack Obama, including his campaign chairman, David Axelrod, are backing Reid demanding that Romney release at least ten years worth of tax information. Oddly enough, Harry Reid himself has not released any of his tax returns.

harry reid liar

Reid claims that he spoke with an investor in Bain Capital and this is where he heard that Romney did not pay any taxes during some of those ten years. This seems highly unlikely. How many people who own stocks or mutual funds know about the tax returns filed by the CEOs of those companies? ZERO! This is the most ridiculous and scurrilous line of attack taken yet by the Democrats against Mitt Romney.

Perhaps Harry Reid is suffering from head injuries from his old boxing days? For over 1,100 days, the U.S. Senate under his control has yet to put together a federal budget. Hardly any legislation is even voted on. Reid and Senate Democrats are playing the role of obstructionists with dire consequences. Even Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner got upset with Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) when she began talking about deliberately driving the nation of the fiscal cliff.

Not only is Dirty Harry Reid probably a liar on his allegations about Mitt Romney not paying taxes, but the Senate Majority Leader may be violating Senate ethics rules. Reid is pushing for a deal to get a Chinese company involved with ENN Mojave Energy LLC on a ′green energy′ solar power plant in Nevada. ENN has as a lobbyist the law firm Lionel, Sawyer and Collins, where the senator′s son, Rory Reid, works as a lawyer/lobbyist for ENN. This despite a 2003 ban on Senate family members working as lobbyists. So come clean, Dirty Harry Reid! How about releasing some of your tax returns? How about explaining what your son is doing and how much federal money is involved with ENN? Mitt Romney has complied with the law in releasing his financial statements. What about YOU?