Barack Obama is using a lawsuit to suppress the military vote in Ohio, a key swing state. A state law allows for an extra three days of early voting in Ohio for members of the US military, including National Guard and reservists. The Obama for America campaign, along with the DNC and Ohio Democrat Party filed the lawsuit to overturn the law, which was meant to compensate for military voter disenfranchisement that has been chronicled the last three elections. So, once again, the Obama administration is attempting to stack the deck for the elections, hoping to be able to throw out as many military voter ballots as possible. Just another day in the Obama ′War on America.′

obama military voters

Obama is indeed at war with America. He is at war against Capitalism. War against religion. War against Catholics. War against Women. War against small businesses. War against oil. War against coal. Obama is now even waging war against school discipline! An executive order Obama signed last week will attempt to force schools to raise the threshold required to expel or discipline black students while lowering the threshold to expel or discipline white students.

How tragic our national politics have become since Obama took office. The shameless Obama thinks he can do whatever he wants. His goal is to destroy America, reducing our great nation into a wasteland. Luckily, America is fighting back! The Chick-Fil-A episode this week shows that the country is ready to give Obama the finger. Millions of Americans, including Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, all oppose same sex marriage. Is it any coincidence that the Barack Obama campaign is raising less money lately since he changed his stance on gay marriage? No! America has had enough! Come November, Obama will be voted out of power and then we can start to recover our morality and common sense.