Yesterday, the fast food chain of Chick Fil-A set new records as long lines marked Appreciation Day nationwide. Begun by Mike Huckabee to promote free speech after various groups attacked the chain′s CEO, Dan Cathy, for remarks made about gay marriage, the response was a huge success. Most outlets experienced lines of about three blocks as people rallied to support the company. On Friday, gay rights groups plan to counter demonstration of holding ′kiss-ins′ at the restaurants. But after yesterday, the mayors of cities like San Francisco and Chicago, who publicly attacked Chick Fil-A, might want to rethink their decision.

Chick Fil-A is a family-oriented business that practices its convictions. They are one of the rare businesses that actually closes on Sunday to promote their view of family and Christian values. The views of the firm′s top management, that God defines marriage as being that of a man and woman runs opposite of those who believe in same-sex marriage. Threats of a boycott against Chick Fil-A led to yesterday′s demonstration by the public who support the company′s right to free speech.

Call it a Christian backlash, the timing could not have been better as yesterday was also the day that the new regulations of Barack Obama and his administration went into effect on the matter of requiring birth control coverage on all health insurance programs. Even on those entities owned by religious organizations who oppose birth control. Hospitals, clinics and schools run by churches, such as the Catholic Church, are now forced to comply.

So the Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day may not only mean that we saw long lines at the restaurants yesterday, but may also be a sign that we will see long lines of Christians voting this November against Obama and his same-sex, anti-religion agenda. We shall see how the pro-gay marriage crowd does on Friday when they hold their ′kiss-in′ rallies, but I suspect that it will be a mere shadow. Obama and other politicians who think that attacking religion will gain them money and votes may be in for a rude surprise.