I was surprised to learn today that our winning Olympians have to pay off the federal government. According to Americans for Tax Reform Gold medal winners will owe $8,986 in taxes for each medal, Silver winners will pay $5,385 and for each Bronze medal our athletes will pay $3,502.

Of course, we know they didn’t earn these medals on their own. They had help. They couldn’t have done it without the government. I just couldn’t help wondering why our leaders have kept mum about all this.

It must have been hard for President Obama to have kept up with running the country, while picking up Kyla Ross and Gabby Douglas at 3 in the morning every day to be sure they got to the gym to work out before going to school.

And how about Joe Biden? I know the VP has a lot of time on his hands, but Biden must have spent so much of it in the pool, working with Michael Phelps, helping him become the most decorated Olympian ever. That’s dedication!

And I’m sure Kimberly Rhodes could never have gotten that gold if it weren’t for Nancy Pelosi working with her on her skeet shooting skills day after day, month after month.

How selfless of these and other fine public servants to keep quiet about all the hours, all the hard work, and let these athletes soak up all the glory for themselves.

The very least the freeloaders can do is pay up.