As regular readers know, I have been watching how the Barack Obama reelection campaign have been coming up short on money. Despite holding more fund raisers than George W. Bush and Bill Clinton combined, Obama is not raising enough cash to even match his current ′burn rate′, much of which is wasted on polling. Now, a series of articles from the so-called ′legitimate press′ are confirming what I have been saying all along. The New York Times has run a story about how the tone of the increasingly frequent emails from the Obama campaign to supporters is getting more alarmist as they plead for donations. The Politico reports that Obama has donated $5,000 of his own money to his campaign. CNN is now reporting how a group of Black pastors have begun a fund to counter Obama on the gay marriage issue.

obama desperate money

In 2008, Obama set records when it came to raising money. His campaign this time around was expected to raise a billion dollars. But, instead, he is falling way short of that goal. If that were not bad enough, Obama is spending what money he does have faster than he can raise it. In June, his campaign only raised some $47 million while spending more than $70 million dollars. Just proving once again that Obama′s answer to all problems is merely throw money you don′t have at it.

Deficit spending and the name Obama go hand in hand. By the end of his first, and hopefully only, term in office, Obama will have added more than $6 Trillion dollars to the National Debt, more than any other president in a single term and more than all presidents combined up until George W. Bush. Democrats, in general, are having money problems. The DNC has already cut their national convention back by one full day and has canceled several venues due to lack of funds.

Many analysts are now looking at the Barack Obama reelection campaign as possibly running out of money well before the November elections. Since Mitt Romney is not allowed by law to spend some of the money he is raising until after the Republican convention in Tampa, Romney will probably be outspending Obama in the final weeks before November by significant margins. Add to that the Super-PAC money and Obama is in even deeper trouble. The picture is become clearer every day that America is ready to reject the Obama agenda and end the national nightmare of his policies.