Columbus Day Holiday.

“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.”
–Inscription on one of Columbus’ caravels.

Today is a day to celebrate our American melting pot. Certainly we do celebrate the achievement of our very first Founding Father, which is in itself important, but more so we celebrate the remarkable unity of our unique culture.

For most of our immigrants, the New World offered opportunities unavailable in home nations due to political and religious persecution, shortness of resources, and self-crippling economic systems. Today we celebrate those who risked all to come to a foreboding place — a New World offering a chance — and those who subsequently made it the greatest nation on earth.

This is one of those few days we do not celebrate (indeed we shun!) the insidious modern bigotry referred to as “diversity,” the fool’s gold for those seeking greater expectations. Diversity insists that we are all different while attempting to loosen the common thread that binds us together. Diversity reduces us to individuals and tribes, accentuating our differences as if those petty individual differences are more important than the collective basis for an entire culture.

Diversity inspires us to embrace the fickle political slogan of “change” du jour, while patriots collectively fight for our freedoms and rebuild economies. Thank you, Christopher Columbus, for discovering a place where we can all just be Americans — at least for today.

“At two o’clock in the morning the land was discovered, at two leagues’ distance; they took in sail and remained under the square-sail lying to till day, which was Friday, when they found themselves near a small island, one of the Lucayos, called in the Indian language Guanahani. ”
–Christopher Columbus, from his journal of the 1st voyage

“I assure your Highnesses that these lands are the most fertile, temperate, level and beautiful countries in the world. ”
–Christopher Columbus, from his journal of the 1st voyage