We all know how much Democrats enjoy playing the race card in the world of politics. This week, we have two examples of just how far Democrats have gone over the edge to ruffle folks feathers. There was the Chris Rock tweet wishing a ′Happy White People′s Independence Day′ on July 4th. Then, not to be out done, Morgan Freeman threw in his two cents about how Barack Obama is NOT the first ′Black President.′ No, he was not saying that Bill Clinton was. Freeman′s argument, apparently to try to win favor with Republican and Independent voters by reassuring them that Obama is half-white. As for Chris Rock, who knows why he said what he did, other than to draw attention to his has-been career as a comic and actor. Maybe Chris should get together with his former ′Lethal Weapon′ co-star and expert on race relations, Mel Gibson?

obama race card

Last year, Freeman stirred up some controversy by commenting how Obama has made America more racist as evident with the rise of the Tea Party. As usual for Liberals, especially those from Hollywood, Morgan simply fails to understand what the Tea Party movement is all about. But it is difficult to feel the pulse of the nation from the back of a limousine or buzzing over ′Fly-Over′ country in your private jet.

I do not blame them for their ignorance. Our public education system, even most of our private schools, fail to teach American history. Do either Freeman or Rock know that all of the first elected Blacks to Congress, as well as to state legislatures, were Republicans? Or that the Democrat Party was not only deep in bed with the pro-slavery forces before the Civil War, but also aligned with the Klu Klux Klan well after into the 1960s? They probably do not know the history of the American Progressive movement, where early leaders like Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger were all about suppressing the birth rate of Blacks. Nor do Morgan Freeman or Chris Rock seem to recall more recent history such as how it was Republican Party senators who helped Lyndon Johnson pass the Civil Rights Act which was thoroughly opposed by the ′Dixie-Crats′ of the ′Deep South.′

What is loathsome is just how pervasive the myth of the benevolence of Democrats to the Black community. A more cynical person might even describe it as a plot to replace private slavery with a state-run plantation system. The argument that encouraging individual liberty and responsibility is somehow racist carries a great deal of weight thanks to the Liberal Media. For that is the real motive behind the Tea Party, to promote the concept that anybody, regardless of race or creed, can succeed if given the opportunity. Such opportunities, however, have been steadily declining as Barack Obama and the Democrats continue to strangle free enterprise with more regulations and taxes.

So my advice to Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock is that before they tweet or make comments again to do some homework and maybe learn a thing or two about American history before playing their race cards for Barack Obama. In the long run, their remarks add nothing to the national debate and only further the goals of the Democrats and Progressives who desire to divide the country. One would think that seeing as how the unemployment and poverty rates for Blacks and Hispanics have increased under Obama, they might have some second thoughts about his fitness as a leader? But, I guess they cannot see those unemployment lines from the their limousines and private jets.