The Glenn Beck Radio Show will be on Clear Channel Premiere Networks after a five-year deal for $100 Million dollars was finalized. The deal news may send George Soros and the Far-Left spinning their heads as it confirms that the star and founder of Mercury Radio Arts is the Number Three most popular talk radio personality after Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. A good week, too, for the news, because on Friday, June 15, Glenn Beck will be hosting the National Lemonade Stand – Bake Sale – Hug-a-thon Day. A response to ridiculous rules by namby-pamby Liberal-Progressives bent on spoiling the fun of ordinary Americans. We have seen many stories of late on how children are being arrested or cited for setting up a lemonade stand on their front lawns. Or schools banning bake sales, even banning students from hugging each other.

Glenn Beck, a champion of the Average American, of the Little People, whose rights are being stomped upon by government, academics, and other fellow Statist travelers, has had enough. All across our great nation, people will be following suit, holding bake sales, drinking lemonade and having group hugs, in defiance of the Liberals. The Progressive agenda demands dividing the nation in order to isolate core groups to subvert and destroy. Glenn Beck and his crusade for common sense unites us all in Truth, Love and God.

There will be much anger at the centers of Liberalism, like the offices of the New York Times today, now that the Glenn Beck Radio Show is guaranteed another five years on the Clear Channel Premiere Networks. The $100 Million dollar deal news comes as no surprise to those of us who believe in freedom and prosperity in the private sector. Glenn Beck is hosting his National Lemonade Stand – Bake Sale – Hug-a-thon Day on June 15 this Friday. His Mercury Radio Arts program is heard on some 400 radio stations nationwide, Beck is Number Three as far as talk radio show hosts go, following Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.