A Reuters headline, dated December 28 – “Clinton calls for probe of Bhutto killing”

Gee, no kidding? What scares me though is when one reads the body of the article and realizes that Hillary does not have a clue on how to handle international affairs. In short, she refers to the Musharraf led government as lacking in credibility and calls for an independent international investigation.

OK – let’s play her game. Who would lead this investigation? What force of law should this investigation have? If Musharraf is found to be culpable, should we roll tanks into Pakistan to remove him from office? While we are at it, why not investigate the multiple assassination attempts on Musharraf? How does the Bhutto assassination benefit Musharraf? What about the little problem of their nuclear weapons? Is it really wise to damage Musharraf when his replacement could be an Al Qaeda sympathizer? Would the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan then be at risk of falling into the hands of Al Qaeda? If yes, would that be something that Senator Clinton is happy with as President?

Does Senator Clinton understand that international politics is a chess game and that you must think 4 or 5 steps ahead before making a move or pandering to primary voters? Is this the person we want as the leader of the free world? Is not such a myopic viewpoint, the left’s main criticism of President George W. Bush’s handling of international affairs? Whether or not Musharraf is “legitimate” in the eyes of Hillary Clinton is not the point. Safeguarding Pakistan’s nuclear weapons from terrorists must be the first priority. Senator Clinton’s ill advised comments do not help that cause.

This is nothing more than a preview of how Hillary would handle international affairs as President. She understands that there is really nothing she can do in the near term with Pakistan. Empty saber rattling was a hallmark of Bill Clinton’s presidency in the 90’s. The result was an emboldened enemy who viewed us as nothing more than a paper tiger. It seems as though Senator Clinton is intent upon carrying on that tradition. Say what you will about the current President Bush. At least Al Qaeda no longer views the United States as a paper tiger. A Clinton presidency will be a return to that status but with stakes that are much higher than in the 90’s. One should think about that in November when entering a voting booth.

Contrast her idiotic statements with those of John McCain, who is looking better with each passing day. Clearly, Senator McCain understands that the geopolitical environment is complex and any comments in regards to a situation as volatile as the one in Pakistan must be measured to ensure that you do not make the situation worse. I pray his health holds out and that our country does the right thing this November.