To the regret of my colleague, Tina, her nickname for Governor Mike Huckabee, huckahillbillee has not taken hold. Instead, the term “Huckacide” has been added to the vernacular, at least on Wall Street. If one is to believe the most recent polls, (and I do not) Huckabee is going to win the Iowa caucus. The only question is – by how much?

While there are obvious differences, the “Huckasurge” reminds me of the democrat’s early fascination with Dr. Howard Dean in 2003/04. In the end, the democrats, even in Iowa, went with the establishment candidate, John Kerry. I suspect the same thing could happen this time as well. The difference is that Iowa, at least on the GOP side, will not determine a true front runner this time around.

I suspect that the msm is trying to give Huckabee a free pass because they sense he would be easy to destroy in the general election. Huckabee has picked up support from the social conservatives because he is religious and the evangelicals are desperate to find someone (anyone!) who is not Mitt Romney. Imagine how the msm will portray Huckabee’s religious beliefs if he becomes the GOP nominee. This guy is an actual minister. Bush has been roasted for being a “Jesus freak” while mentioning Jesus maybe a dozen times in 8 years. Huckabee mentions Jesus a dozen times in a paragraph.

That may please the social conservatives who make up the bulk of the audience for talk radio and Fox News, but one has to wonder how the “middle” will react to a candidate who is so open about his religion. In the ideal world, it would not matter. It is too bad that we do not live in that world. The middle is essentially a band of moderate republicans to conservative democrats that every general election candidate must have to win a presidential election. That is why every candidate “moves to the middle” during the general election campaign. These are the Reagan democrats and Clinton republicans. In today’s world would Huckabee have a shot at winning a significant portion of the votes of the Reagan democrats? For that matter, would moderate Republicans vote for him? Huckabee is soft on crime, has a history of raising taxes and is frighteningly ignorant on foreign affairs. His comments on Pakistani illegal aliens would have been funny if it was not so sad. Combine that with numerous recent ill advised comments on various subjects and one is left wondering how this guy ran a state much less an entire country.

While I do not know the answer for certain, it is clear that there would be a significant chance of a “Huckacide” should the GOP send him forth as the nominee. I initially thought that Fred Thompson would make the weakest candidate for the GOP. I take that back. A Mike Huckabee nomination will end with 400 electoral votes for the team of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. That would truly be a “Huckacide”.