I am certain that I will come to regret this post. Given that the title of our blog is Right Pundits, I thought I would engage in some punditry. Certainly, the odds are that my predictions will prove to be wildly inaccurate. Feel free to post your opinions in the comments section. Whoever is closest will get a slap on the back, internet style.


Mitt Romney – 26%
Mike Huckabee – 21%
John McCain – 19%
Fred Thompson -12%
Rudy Giuliani – 10%
Dr. Paul – 8%
The Rest – who cares?

McCain will prove to be the big surprise on the GOP side. He will gain momentum going into the New Hampshire primary and will position himself as the front runner. Huckabee’s momentum will be stopped in the tracks in Iowa and he will no longer be a viable candidate. Romney would need a more decisive victory to claim any momentum especially since he outspent every other candidate in Iowa by millions. That won’t stop Mitt from claiming to have the momentum. A win in New Hampshire will be a must. Fred will be relieved to have broken into double digits and will still tout that he is the only conservative choice in the race. Rudy will be quiet with the exception of 8 or 9 mentions of 9/11 to his supporters in Iowa. The strategy of winning the big primaries will be thrown to the wolves and his campaign will make a last ditch effort in New Hampshire with the goal of a 3rd place finish.


Hillary Clinton – 35%
Barack Obama – 28%
John Edwards – 19%
The Rest – who cares?

The Clinton spin machine will be in full force twisting the results as a stunning victory for Senator Clinton. Silly little things like facts will not get in there way. Obama will stress that the results prove that people want change and that he has the momentum going into New Hampshire. Edwards will give his usual “2 America’s” stump speech to his supporters. Nobody will care. The war for you Mr. Edwards, is over.

Next – New Hampshire