I don’t care what Time magazine publishes. Does anyone even read Time anymore? In General Patraeus, we have the perfect blend of warrior, diplomat and statesman. I suspect that he works on military strategies during the day and reads Socrates during the night. Iraq would most likely be in good shape now if he was listened to back in 2004. Instead, the neo-con, idealistic dreams of Vice-President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld held sway for a length of time that only served to sacrifice many more of our brave young men and women than what was necessary.

The Patraeus strategy is working. This is from a huge critic of the administration’s handling of the Iraq war which was awful at best. In the end, an internal Iraqi political solution amongst their various factions is the only way that true stability will return to Iraq. His strategy has given the Iraqi’s the time (perhaps too much) to address the political issues. Even more, the grass roots efforts with the Sunni sheiks may, from a bottoms-up perspective, help Iraq achieve a political solution.

After watching Patraeus during multiple interviews in September present an assessment that was rooted in reality, sober in regards to the current situation in Iraq and completely factual, how could anyone question his character?

I do not know which party, if any, Patraeus is affiliated with officially. Frankly, it does not matter to me. He would have my vote for President. Based on what I have seen, he is head and shoulders above all of the other candidates.