Ok, I have thought a lot about the 2008 Presidential Election. The pollsters have come out with a lot of polls recently. Personally, I think its a bad time to poll anything since there are more important things to do, such as Christmas Shopping. Anyway, here’s my take on the race.

Mitt Romney wins Iowa in a nail biter over Huckahillbee. I coined this phrase at the Hedgehog. I’m not putting down the fact that he’s from the South. I don’t care where’s he’s from. Its just that the Huck has more positions in line with Hill/Bill than a true conservative. Just look at how he ran Arkansas – raising taxes and growing the government. I’m no big fan of Romney uh McRomney, another Rino. I think he looks and sounds a lot like John F. Kerry.

For New Hampshire, I have John McCain winning outright or coming in a strong second. He will be the comeback adult. Again, I’m no big fan of him – even though he’s solid on spending, earmarks, and is pro-life. His positions on global warming aka Gorebull Warming and Waterboarding are utterly stupid. I also can not stand the fact that he loves the tv camera.

As for the others, they are also rans. Its too bad that Fred Thompson or Duncan Hunter, who are right on nearly all issues, did not emerge.

I also predict that Guiliani will withdraw from the race due to his medical situation. His strategy for Super Tuesday is stupid. He will get knocked out fast if he does not withdraw.

On the Democrat Side – Hillary will lose Iowa and place 2nd or 3rd. I think she was behind the “Love Child” slam against the Silky Pony and Obama the Muslim. She plays dirty – more importantly she play to win. I think she recovers in New Hampshire and wins.

Anyway, I will post the other contests next week. Have fun discussing.