Here we go again! The Department of Labor has released the April 2012 jobs report, showing only 115,000 jobs created last month, well below the ′expected′ increase of 170,000. Yet, as usual, the Barack Obama administration has fiddled with the numbers enough to claim that the national average unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%. Earlier this week, we had more bad economic news in practically every sector of the economy, with housing down, manufacturing down, durable goods sales down and the worst start-up rate for new companies in two years. So what is Obama′s excuse THIS time?

april 2012 jobs report

According to the Associated Press, a recent survey of some 32 economists leads them to predict that the unemployment rate will be below 8% by November, just in time for Obama to claim success and boost his chances for reelection. But, of course, we all know that this is a total fabrication.

Yes, we see this every month. Despite pathetic job creation numbers, the Labor Department keeps downsizing the labor force pool enough to make it appear as though the unemployment rate is declining. In fact, if one factors in what the size of the labor pool was when Obama took office, the actual unemployment rate would be about 11%. Add on the ′under-employed′ and you get closer to 20% of adult Americans are seeking jobs or better jobs. Not exactly a record an honest president could get reelected on.

But then, we do not have an honest president in the White House, do we? No! We have Barack Hussein Obama, a composite president, a president of compression. He gets ahead by compressing his numbers, his qualifications. The ambiguous Obama is clueless about the economy. Sure, he likes to blame George W. Bush but if you caught the recent ′Frontline′ episodes on PBS, titled ′Money, Power and Wall Street′, you would have seen that at the crucial moment when a decision had to be made, it was Obama, not Bush, who bullied his way in and ran the special meeting at the White House. Bush even leaned towards Nancy Pelosi and whispered, ″You guys are gonna miss me!″ We certainly do, President Bush-43, we certainly do!