Obama girlfriends are stepping forward in droves this week, including his first lover Alex McNear, thanks to some prodding by people in the press who are sympathetic to the president. His friends do not want those persistent rumors of Obama’s sexuality to repeat themselves in the election cycle this year, so they are now rather humorously painting the president as a free-loving sexual animal.

Obama girlfriend

A new book has been written which in rather startling detail explains the lives and relationships of women like Alex McNear in Obama’s life before he met his wife. The book was written by a liberal Washington Post columnist named David Maraniss. You can buy a copy before voting this year just in case you had any doubts about Obama’s sexuality, but first read the synopsis.

What is amusing is that at age 50, not a single woman until Alex McNear and another swinger named Genevieve Cook (pictured above) has ever stepped forward to claim a relationship with the president, and no photos of Obama girlfriends were known to exist. The puzzling gap in his life led to widespread speculation that Obama was in the closet and his marriage was a showcase of convenience for a politically ambitious young man. Just ask former gay Senator Larry Craig about how to handle a family.

In fact, until now the only person in the world claiming a sexual relationship with Obama was Larry Sinclair who told all to tabloid magazines in the spring of 2008. Whether or not you believe Sinclair’s claims about a gay relationship with the president is not the point. Nobody had ever even claimed a heterosexual relationship.

So who is Alex McNear, Obama’s first girlfriend? We are told that she was a book worm living in New York City where she first met him. She attended Occidental college and edited a literary journal called “Feast.” They met during the summertime of 1982, when the president was almost 20 years old. The author includes quotes from Alex which buy into the narrative of Obama the Thinker, a favorite meme among liberal academics like Maraniss. For example,

“He really worked his way through an idea or question, turned it over, looked at it from all sides, and then he came to a precise and elegant conclusion.”

We are told that Obama’s girlfriend did not sleep with him on their first date, unlike the case of Genevieve Cook who obsessed in her journal about making love to her boyfriend at the time. Alex McNear took a more traditional path to the bedroom, but we are left with no doubt about what transpired during their brief relationship together in 1982, which continued as a long-distance relationship through a series of love letters, dutifully reprinted in the book.

We are trying to unearth information about Alex McNear just to make sure she is not one of those “composite” Obama girlfriends who he fibbed about in his book. The only one by that name on Facebook is a guy with a mixed-race baby. Go figure. And there is another guy on Twitter with apparently no baby but is handsome.

Your thoughts?

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