Do wind farms cause global warming? A new study published in Nature Climate Change could answer yes to that question. According to the BBC, a study of wind farms and ground temperatures in West Texas show an increase of 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit in recent years. The increase, measured by NASA satellites, has led researcher Liming Zhou to sound a warning about wind farms and their impact on the environment. The area studied saw an increase in temperature as the number of wind turbines rose from 111 in 2003 to 2325 by 2009. An earlier study published in 2010 reached the same conclusions that wind turbines appear to be mixing warmer air with cooler air, especially during the hours of night. Prof. Steven Sherwood of the Climate Change Research Centre in Australia was quoted by the BBC after he examined the data, ″The results in the paper looks pretty solid to me.″

wind farm global warming

Prof. Sherwood went on to say that ″Daytime temperatures do not appear to be affected. This makes sense, this same strategy is commonly used by fruit growers who fly helicopters over their orchards to combat early morning frosts.″ Well! So there it is! Proof that a key component of the Barack Obama ′green energy′ scam is just as wrong and flawed as the entire Global Warming/Climate Change scam is. No wonder Dr. James Lovelock, who predicted global doom in 2007 has reversed course and has joined over a thousand other climate scientists in rejecting the alarmist viewpoints. Lovelock announced late last month that not only are man-made carbon emissions not causing global warming, but may be responsible for preventing another Ice Age. According to Lovelock, ″The problem is we don′t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago.″

Bad enough that when an oil company, like Gulf Oil, accidentally kills 28 birds, the EPA slams them with a heavy fine, but wind turbine companies get a free pass despite killing tens of thousands of migratory birds each year, if not millions from bird strikes with the wind turbines! Now we can add how wind farms are causing Global Warming, or at least ′Local Warming′, thanks to them mixing warm and cool air during the over night hours. This is what the BBC reports on a new study published in the journal, Nature Climate Change. Another fly in the buttermilk is the fact that during the winter months, wind farms use more energy than they produce in order to stay heated. Just as in the case of ethanol, another green energy boondoggle, the reality is a negative net effect on our energy strategy.