Comedian Jon Lovitz is mad at Barack Obama for his tax policies. The former Saturday Night Live comic is not happy about Occupy Wall Street either, as Jon Lovitz made an Anti-Obama rant. Lovitz was doing a podcast from his own comedy club with host Kevin Smith called ′The ABC′s of SNL′ when he went off on a tirade about paying half of of income in taxes. Admitting to being a Democrat and having voted for Obama, Jon Lovitz seems to be regretting his choice. ′This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don′t pay their taxes is fxxxing bullsxxt, and I voted for the guy and I′m a Democrat.′ Could it be that Lovitz, whose character Tommy Flanagan from SNL was a pathological liar, may be thinking that the United States has a pathological liar for president?

jon lovitz anti obama rant
Jon Lovitz and his Anti-Obama rant have gone viral! Poor, Obama! Image Credit: FayeVision /

Ah, yes! This is an old story. It is fine and dandy when you can impose your will upon others, but when the hand of brute force grips your own shoulder, then you become remorse. This is the ultimate fate of all Liberals. Take for example how the staff of the New York Times produced a six-minute video complaining about how their employers are reducing benefits and retirement pay. You would think that they would be happy to redistribute their wealth so that fewer workers are laid off. So that more workers already retired can still enjoy their nice, fat pensions and benefits.

But the grim reality of economics is that such is unsustainable. Liberals like to complain about eating unsustainable foods. But when they themselves are denied the fruits of their labor, well, that is a different kettle of fish. Eventually comes the Day of Reckoning and the piper must be paid. For Liberals, they are beginning to learn the hard truth that Obama wants to redistribute income from everybody, not just greedy corporate bigwigs flying around in private jets.

So listen, if you dare, to the audio of Jon Lovitz bashing Barack Obama about taxes. The Jon Lovitz anti-Obama rant has since become viral. Be forewarned there are many f-bombs in the whole thing. Kevin Smith tried his best to stop the SNL comic from getting the Occupy Wall Street people mad, but it did not work. The Saturday Night Live comedian, famous for many characters, including the pathological liar, Tommy Flanagan, thinks the United States might be better off if Obama was not reelected. I agree!