Here is Jeanne Assam, a Christian hero and new blond poster child for the right to bear arms. She is the female security guard who killed the New Life Church gunman. See her photos, biography, and press conference video here.

As the gunman entered the church in body armor and wielding an assault rifle, she prayed to God and shot him dead. She said at a news conference on December 11th, 2007, “God guided me and protected me. I give credit to God. God was with me. I didn’t think for a minute to run away.�?

“I saw him coming through the doors�? and initially took cover. “I came out of cover and identified myself and engaged him and took him down.”

She is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and trained how to use it. She attends church in the morning and volunteers on security detail for the later service.

Assam was stationed at the church after the earlier shooting the night before at the church’s missionary training program. The gunman, Matthew Murray, carried over 1,000 rounds of ammunition and three weapons. He had diverted people from the exit doors with smoke cannisters as he entered the only clear doorway.

Jeanne Assam saved at least 100 lives with her actions that day, entrusting to God’s divine help.

Larry Bourbonnais, Vietnam combat vet said it was the bravest thing he’s ever seen.

“She just started walking toward the gunman firing the whole way. She was just yelling Surrender walking and shooting the whole time.”

As a biography, we believe that this is the same Jeanne Assam who ran track for Hamline University in Minneapolis in 1990, where she still holds a school record. She worked for the Minneapolis police department before moving to Colorado.

Video below.