The Massachusetts Senate race featuring Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren is likely to be one of the most watched, most highly funded, and highly competitive elections in this cycle. The candidates are both well known to everyone in the state, and are well liked by members of their respective constituencies. We’ll provide some background on each candidate, talk about which issues each of them will try to emphasize during the campaign, and predict the outcome of the race. We’ll also show the latest Massachusetts senate polls for this race, which we’ll regularly update from now until November.

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Biography – Scott Brown entered the national consciousness early in 2010 when he unexpectedly won a special election to fill the unexpired term of Teddy Kennedy over Martha Coakley, his Democratic opponent. His election presaged the tremendous victories won by the Republicans across the nation that November. Since his election, he has shown himself to be very popular, although he represents one of the most Democratic states in the nation. He strives to be an independent voice in the Senate who is willing to avoid partisanship for the national good.

Brown graduated from Tufts University and Boston College Law School. He is married to Gail Huff, a television reporter in Washington, DC. They have 2 daughters, Arianna, a pre-med student at Syracuse University and Ayla, a country music singer who appeared on American Idol.

Scott Brown on the issues:

Jobs – Brown asserts that creating jobs is his most important duty at this time. He thus far has sponsored two bills that became laws that do this. One bill provides tax breaks for firms that hire returning veterans; the other repealed a tax on contractors and other small businesses.

Taxes – Brown advocates not raising any taxes from the current rates. However, he is willing to eliminate some loopholes if the money raised is used to lower existing rates. This will create an atmosphere that enhances job creation.

Balanced Budget Amendment – Brown wants to control federal spending and advocates a number of measures towards that end. He opposed the stimulus bill and TARP. He supports the Balanced Budget Amendment and opposes earmarks.

Biography – Soon after Elizabeth Warren graduated from high school, she got married to her high school sweetheart and then went to college. After graduation, she became an elementary school teacher. When her oldest child, Amelia, was two, she entered law school. When she graduated from law school, her son Alex was born. She practiced law for a while, but then became a law school professor at Harvard. She has taught there for 20 years. She eventually divorced her first husband and married her current spouse, Bruce Mann, 31 years ago. He is also a Harvard law school professor. She has 3 grandchildren.

When the financial system imploded, President Bush appointed Warren to chair the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP. President Obama retained her in this position. She is considered to be instrumental in the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. When the Senate didn’t confirm her as director of this bureau, she returned to Massachusetts, and eventually decided to run for the Senate.

Elizabeth Warren on the issues:

Investing in the Future – Warren seeks to invest in the future in helping to create jobs in both the short and long term. She lists a number of ways that she intends to accomplish this. She seeks to provide a level playing field for small businesses, the self-employed, and community banks.

Leveling the Playing Field – warren says that DC is a rigged game where powerful people hold all of the cards. She says that she will try to change this by increasing Wall Street accountability, simplifying regulations, and working on a campaign reform law.

Strong Middle Class – Warren says that she wants to reinvigorate a strong middle class. She plans to do that by invigorating the housing market, prioritizing education, and defending Obamacare.

Prediction: I think that this race will remain close until Election Day. Both candidates have a lot of appeal to their bases, and a ton of money. I think that Brown is likely to win for a couple of reasons. I expect Romney to do better in Massachusetts than a typical GOP presidential candidate, since he was governor there. I also think that Warren will constantly have the pressure to appear to be a ‘normal’ person after the Martha Coakley fiasco in 2010. So, if someone catches her eating brie, or drinking latte, or watching a yacht race, her popularity will plummet.

Polls for the Massachusetts Senate race are below:

Massachusetts Senate Polls, Brown vs Warren

Polling Date Polling Company Scott Brown (R) Elizabeth Warren (D)
4/9 Rasmussen 45 46%

3/27 Boston Globe 37 35%

3/18 PPP 41 46%

3/1 Western New England University 49 41%

2/29 Rasmussen 49 44%

2/15 Suffolk 49 40%

Video: Scott Brown on Elizabeth Warren