Some of you thought I was joking a while back when I wrote about the Newt Gingrich Great American Zoo Tour of 2012. On Friday, while visiting the zoo in St. Louis, Missouri, Newt Gingrich was bitten by a penguin! Don′t worry, both Newt and the penguin are doing just fine. Well, the penguin is, that′s for sure! Newt, on the other hand, admitted this weekend that he is now the underdog, though not necessarily because penguins are biting him. The state of the Gingrich presidential campaign is a sad one, with money woes so deep that Newt is now selling his donor lists to anybody with $26,000. Most of the national polls have him well behind Mitt Romney, with at best just 12% of support from Republican voters.

newt gingrich penguin

So this is why Newt is spending much of his time touring zoos. Aside from the fact that the animals cannot scurry away too far as they are confined, Gingrich is a big fan of zoos and wildlife. You may recall his frolicking with the polar bear cub, Knute, back when the cub was the star attraction at the Berlin Zoo. An article from the Daily Mail UK has a number of fun photos with animals on top of Newt′s head, or held tenderly in his arms.

I suspect that Newt Gingrich was not offended when a he was bitten by a penguin at the St. Louis Zoo last Friday. He probably took the nibble as a term of endearment. At least the penguin didn′t carpet bomb him with tons of negative campaign ads! Mitt Romney has done just that, which is why Newt Gingrich is the underdog now in what remains left of the 2012 GOP presidential nomination race. His cash-strapped campaign has sunk to the level of selling his list of donors now for $26,000. At least Newt did not stick his head inside the mouth of a lion. Although he did meet a tiger at the St. Louis Zoo named Calista. One can image him taking the tiger to Tiffany′s. Oh, what fun!