Mitt Romney has had a pretty good week. Since the Easter holiday break in the 2012 GOP presidential campaign, plenty has happened. Romney′s chief rival, Rick Santorum, has suspended his bid for the White House. Polling data was beginning to show Romney overtaking, and even surpassing, Santorum in his home state of Pennsylvania, which holds its primary next week Tuesday. Several other states, include delegate-rich New York, will also be holding their primaries on April 24, which should add a significant number to Romney′s delegate count. Since Monday, two fresh national polls show Romney defeating Barack Obama in November. But perhaps the best gift of all came from Obama and the Democrats as Hillary Rosen tried to throw Ann Romney under the bus for being a ′stay-at-home-mom.′ The firestorm and backlash may very well eliminate the perceived ′gender-gap′, which had been showing women voters favoring Obama over Romney by 18 points or more.

mitt romney week

While Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul still remain officially in the 2012 presidential race for the GOP nomination, neither is waging a serious campaign at this point. So Mitt Romney will undoubtedly become the nominee at this summer′s Republican National Convetion in Tampa, Florida. No floor fight, no need for super delegates, no more mysteries. Its a done deal. The other candidates can talk about wanting a voice at the convention, having a say on the shaping of a platform. However, the reality is that Mitt Romney is now the official leader of the GOP.

The fight is over. At least for the nomination. After six years and then some of campaigning, Mitt Romney has what he has always wanted. Now that the general election has begun, donors and supporters are beginning to crawl out of the woodwork to stand behind Romney. Barack Obama and the Democrats made it even easier when Hillary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for being a ′stay-at-home-mom.′ They thought the mother of five boys who has survived cancer and is fighting Multiple Sclerosis would be an unsympathetic target. But the Democrats were wrong! Their phony charges of a GOP-led ′War-on-Women′ has backfired. The week ended with people questioning why women who work at the White House under Obama are being paid 18% less money than their male counterparts? Or asking how many women has Obama invited to play golf with him? Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has an excellent track record of supporting women professionally. Many held key positions at Bain Capital, as well as in his administration in Massachusetts. The choice is obvious.