Here is Bernie Ward, the face of liberalism on KGO radio. He was indicted for child pornography by the FBI on December 6th 2007.

Images of children were downloaded to his computer. Did Bernie do it? For the sake of his five kids, one can hope not but the judicial system will decide the fate of this loud-mouthed liberal.

He plead not guilty. According to his lawyer, the defense will be that he was researching a book four years ago. I am unaware of Bernie Ward the famous author. There is an author by that name with titles generally selling for a few pennies as Amazon used books which have nothing to do with politics and little to do with culture. Titles include “Living with Cats.”

Bernie Ward is a former Catholic priest. Uh oh. Stop with the Catholic bashing now. Nothing wrong with being a priest, except in his case he throws the fact as a screen to hide behind his blatantly anti-Church liberalism.

He is grossly overweight to the point where he can fill up a bus. Nothing wrong with fat, except that he is not very jolly. And apparently he has a hunger for child pornography, as the FBI has accused him of kiddie porn.

He is also a big fat liberal. There is nothing inherently wrong with a liberal that cannot be fixed. To paraphrase Churchill, sometimes it means they just haven’t grown up yet.

But there is something wrong with a militant liberal who gets on the radio every day of his life spewing shallow-minded, rhetorical garbage. For that reason, I hope he will be rid of the public airwaves forever, guilty or innocent.

KGO radio has “suspended” Bernie Ward. The quotes are mine. They did not call it an official suspension, but a substitute host will occupy his wild partying time slot at 10pm Monday to Friday.

Video below the fold.

Listen closely.

Bernie Ward Takes a Radio Call (Video)